If you’re looking for the best “Saturday Night Live” skits from last night, you’re out of luck. The show is on holiday hiatus, but it gave fans plenty of new Christmas sketches before taking off. Check out the best holiday “SNL” skits from 2018 below:

Elf on a Shelf — Jason Momoa plays Scrappy, an Elf on a Shelf, whose child has hit puberty, and he’s maybe a bit too old to be watched all day and all night. Santa can’t understand why Scrappy would want to leave his kid, and when he looks at Scrappy’s Christmas list for his charge, he tells him that he spelled “flashlight” wrong.

Best Christmas Ever — This is a case of “it’s funny because it’s true.” Matt Damon and Cecily Strong play a couple who are unwinding at the end of a long Christmas to talk about how great everything is. The “SNL” skit flashes back to crying children, rude in-laws, racist relatives and awful gifts from kids.

Rudolph’s Big Night — The red-nosed reindeer (Pete Davidson) gets his revenge in this dark skit. When Santa (Jason Momoa) recruits him on a cloudy night, Rudolph decides to frame Comet (Beck Bennett) as being rabid.

Weezer — Christmas parties can get awkward, especially if two Weezer fans start arguing. Let this be a reminder to take the band’s cover of “Africa” off your Christmas party playlist.

Happy Christmas, Britain — Prime Minister Theresa May (Kate McKinnon) hosts a holiday talk show. She chats with former Prime Minister David Cameron (Matt Damon), who is delighted that she is dealing with his mess, and Lord Voldemort (Mikey Day), who is concerned that May could bring him bad publicity.

First Impression — A woman’s (Melissa Villaseñor) parents (Jason Momoa and Heidi Gardner) come to meet her boyfriend (Beck Bennett) for the first time, but it gets weird fast when he decides to play hide and seek.

New episodes of “SNL” return in 2019.

best SNL Christmas skits "SNL" had plenty of funny Christmas skits in 2018. Photo: Will Heath/NBC