If a horse and an alligator got into a fight, who would win? Well, thanks to Facebook user Krystal M. Berry, we now have the answer: The horse is the clear winner.

Three hours after it was posted to Facebook, Berry’s video garnered more than 12,000 views. “Horse attacking a gator at Paynes Prairie,” she captioned the Wednesday video, which she gave International Business Times permission to use. “I'm still shaking.”

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Berry’s clip, which is less than 45 seconds, shows a group of horses at Paynes Prairie, which is near Gainesville, Florida. The horses are grazing the grass, but one emerges to trot next to a gator in a nearby field. It viciously stomps the gator. Naturally, the gator bites back, but it appears the horse won the match after the gator saunters away into the other direction.

Based off the video, it seems like the crowd of people were more worried about the gator than the horse. “Did he bite him?” an onlooker wonders. “Just leave him alone,” another says. “Do you think he’s OK?” a different person asked.

Berry saw the horses on the La Chua Trail when she and her friends were heading back to their cars. Soon after, they took note of the alligator, who paused. The stallion approached the gator and “started kicking and bucking,” Berry, 31, told IBT in a phone interview Wednesday.

“I thought, ‘This is intense. I never saw anything like this before,’” Berry reflected.

Ultimately, it didn’t seem like either the horse or alligator were injured. “I didn’t see any signs of distress for gator or the horse, but I did contact the reserve,” Berry said, noting she wanted to cover her bases. “They sent someone out, but I didn’t hear back.”

Berry later went on to post pictures about her “perfect” day. She posed with friends and shared a photo of the gator swimming into the water. She even captured the horses in the background for one of her selfies with friends Ariel Oglesby, Nathalie Joyce Abante and Mary K LaValle. The crew is known as the #ATEAM.

“We love that trail and we wanted to see some horses and we did!” Berry said.

Who would win in a fight: a horse or an alligator?

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