Kacy Catanzaro
"American Ninja Warrior's" Kacy Catanzaro appears in a new ad campaign for Fairfield Inn & Suites. NBC

“American Ninja Warrior” might be done for now as fans wait for the 2015 season, but that does not mean its biggest star is done with the spotlight. Kacy Catanzaro, who made history this past season becoming the first woman to finish a City Finals course on the show, has got a new gig. The 24-year-old is featured in a new ad campaign for Fairfield Inn & Suites, a chain owned by hotel company Marriott.

The ad campaign marks the first time an “American Ninja Warrior” has been featured in a national television commercial as a brand sponsor. The ad itself features Catanzaro going from a gym to one of Fairfield’s hotels, using objects in the lobby as additional obstacles for her ninja-style training. The campaign advertises that Fairfield Inn & Suites helps travelers overcome their own obstacles with its 100 percent guarantee. The ad featuring Catanzaro can be seen below:

Kacy Catanzaro made “American Ninja Warrior” history in the Dallas City Finals, becoming the first woman to complete a City Finals Course. Her historic run was cut short when she failed to complete Stage 1 in the National Finals, dropping out on the Jumping Spider. Her place as the most popular athlete in the show’s history, though, was already secure.

Catanzaro’s ad campaign opens the door to “American Ninja Warrior” contestants being viewed as legitimate athletes in a real sport. It also follows a trend of reality television stars becoming full-blown celebrities. With tryouts currently underway for the next season of “American Ninja Warrior,” more and more fans will likely be setting their sights on becoming the next Kacy Catanzaro. Season 7 of “American Ninja Warrior” will air next summer on NBC.

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