American Ninja Warrior
Tryouts for "American Ninja Warrior" 2015 will begin early next year. NBC

Do you watch the athletes on “American Ninja Warrior” facing each obstacle and wonder if you could have a shot at taking on the challenging courses? Fans who watched the Season 6 finale of the NBC competition might be wondering what they have to do to be a part of the action next year. Well, while it may not be easy, it is not impossible for a fan at home to become the next Joe Moravsky or Kacy Catanzaro.

The majority of contestants on “American Ninja Warrior” are selected by the show’s producers from submission videos sent in by the various contestants. However there a few qualifications before a would-be contestant can send in a video. Prospective “Ninja Warriors” must be 21 and legal residents of the United States.

“American Ninja Warrior” provides a link on their page to start the submission process. After the form is filled out the show will notify contestants when the full casting process begins and fans can start sending in their videos for Season 7 . Since that process has not yet begun the specific requirements of the videos, including the schedule and cities for the Regional Qualifiers, are not known. However, in past years, videos were required to be between five and eight minutes in duration and display a variety of factors about the contestant -- from their athletic ability, background story, and charismatic personality. Since “American Ninja Warrior” is not just an athletic competition, an engaging personality or captivating backstory may aid on top of footage from homemade obstacles.

Watch fan favorite Kacy Catanzaro’s "American Ninja Warrior" Season 6 submission video below:

Don’t fret if you do not get selected from your video. There is still another way to make it onto the show. At every Regional Qualifying city in “American Ninja Warrior” (where contestants selected from the videos will be narrowed down to the few who will compete in the City Finals course) some lucky contestants will have the opportunity to run the course as a walk-on. The cities featured in "American Ninja Warrior" 2014 were Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Denver, and Venice Beach. Prospective walk-ons must arrive in person days in advance at the Regional Qualifying city and wait it out for a chance to compete.

“American Ninja Warrior” requires an extremely high level of fitness, especially upper body strength and balance, and most competitors are competitive climbers or former athletes. However fans who think they have what it takes can attempt to become the first “American Ninja Warrior” themselves. If past years are any indication, the full casting process will not begin until early 2015, but fans can take the first step by filling out the form on the “American Ninja Warrior” site. “American Ninja Warrior” Season 7 will begin next summer.

Watch Joe Moravsky clear Stage 2 at the 2014 "American Ninja Warrior" National Finals:

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