Brian Arnold
Brian Arnold will try to return to Stage 3 for consecutive seasons next Monday, Sep. 8 on "American Ninja Warrior." NBC

After a week off due to the Emmy Awards, the 2014 National Finals of “American Ninja Warrior” were back in action on Monday night. The second episode of the Mount Midoriyama finals in Las Vegas aired Monday night on NBC and will re-air Tuesday, Sep. 2 at 8 p.m. EDT on Esquire. Fans that missed last night's gripping episode will want to tune in to see what contestants managed to complete Stage 1 and whether Kacy Catanzaro advanced in the National Finals.

After the first half of finalists had their shot in the last episode, it was time for the second half to show what they could do and they did not disappoint. Like the previous episode, nine contestants completed the Stage 1 course on time. A total of 18 contestants will advance to next week’s stage 2 episode, airing Sep 8 on NBC and Sep. 9 on Esquire.

Elet Hall, Paul Kasemir, Ian Dory, Joshua Cook, Chris Wilczewski, Dan Galiczynski, Yen Chen, Brian Arnold, and J.J. Woods will join the 9 contestants from the last episode at Stage 2. Elet Hall recorded the fastest Stage 1 time of the night at 1:18:40, while Brian Arnold, who has gone further than anyone in this competition before (reaching Stage 3 last season), completed the course to advance as well.

Stage 1 was the end of the line for two fan favorites trying to make history. Kacy Catanzaro, who had become perhaps the most famous contestant to ever appear on the show after becoming the first and, as of yet, only woman to complete a city finals course in the Dallas finals, had her shot at the course, but her dream was cut short. Katanzaro went out on the fourth obstacle, the Jumping Spider, her 5-ft frame not seeming to be able to span the distance between the walls. Jon Stewart, who at 52 was the oldest contestant to ever reach the National Finals, also fell short on Monday.

Next Monday, Sep. 8, the 18 finalists who managed to complete Stage 1 will get their shot at Stage 2 as they try to become the first American Ninja Warrior. Fans will have to wait and see if any of this year’s contestants has what it takes.

Watch the full episode here and catch Kacy Catanzaro's run at 1:19:55.

Check back in for more “American Ninja Warrior” recaps and for next week’s “Inside Mount Midoriyama” Stage 2 breakdown. “American Ninja Warrior” airs Monday nights on NBC at 9 p.m. EDT and Tuesday nights on Esquire at 8 p.m. EDT. Do you think any of this year’s contestants will make it to Stage 3? Tweet your thoughts to Ja9GarofaloTV.