While Kacy Catanzaro may be done on “American Ninja Warrior,” America is not done with her. The 24-year old San Antonio native became perhaps the most famous contestant in the history of the show this season after becoming the first woman to complete a city finals course when she did so in the Dallas regionals. Despite her early exit during the Las Vegas National Finals, Catanzaro has been busy lately taking full advantage of her new celebrity status.

Before her final run on “American Ninja Warrior,” Catanzaro spoke about enjoying her newfound notoriety and the positive impact it empowers her to have on people.

"I don’t know if I would call it a celebrity status, but there is definitely this new realm of things I am being introduced to and it’s a lot of fun," she said in her pre-run "American Ninja Warrior" video. "I really love it. People are definitely starting to recognize me and give me lots of support and it’s really amazing to have people tell me that I’m an inspiration and that I’m the reason they’re doing things. I want to be that person that people look up to. It’s a dream."

After her performance in Las Vegas for “American Ninja Warrior” Catanzaro was in Baltimore, where she attended Towson University and competed as an NCAA gymnast (Catanzaro was named an NCAA Regional Gymnast of the Year in 2012). Catanzaro had a full slate of appearances while in Baltimore. She attended a the Towson football home opener and joined fans at local bar The Green Turtle to watch the most recent “American Ninja Warrior” episode. The "ANW" contestant also had the opportunity to showcase some athletic skills while in Baltimore, throwing out the first pitch at the Sept. 3 Orioles Game.


Catanzaro also found time to appear in Evan Dollard’s (another “American Ninja Warrior” Contestant) YouTube series “Ninja Quickies.” Dollard, who has competed multiple times on the show and once made it to the National Finals, hosts “Ninja Warrior” contestants to show off their skills in a one-on-one showdown in his Illinois gym. Watch Kacy Catanzaro compete in the video below:

Catanzaro tweeted that after Baltimore, she was on vacation in New Jersey and is now finally headed back home to San Antonio. The gymnast has promised to return to “American Ninja Warrior” next season, but with America in love with the inspiring athlete (“Dancing with the Stars” was reportedly eyeing her for their new season) we will probably hear from her much sooner than that.

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