April the giraffe
April the pregnant giraffe showed "significant kicks and movements" on her left side before giving birth on the live cam. Courtesy of Animal Adventure Park, All Rights Reserved

April the giraffe is still pregnant, even though viewers waited weeks for her to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. Despite her ongoing pregnancy, more than 200,000 people tuned into the live stream Thursday, which is posted to YouTube.

Click here to watch April's live stream, where she could give birth to her baby at any moment.

Since another day went by without a baby calf, Animal Adventure Park took to their official Facebook page to update their 1 million followers about April’s progress. “[The veterinarian’s] morning report is of significant change in April's shape,” the zoo reported Thursday. “Her body/belly is much less beach balled, as the bulges have streamlined. Perhaps suggesting a new position of calf...we hope for launch sequence!”

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The zoo joked about being obsessed with April’s fluctuating body. “We can't help but feel each day and night, as we snap and post our photos and provide updates on body change and development of April, that we shouldn't have the song lyrics of Ed Sheeran's ‘Shape of You’ looped and playing,” they said, sharing the chorus from the hit song. “Of course the context is completely different, but no less obsessive in nature!”

For Tuesday’s fact of the day, Animal Adventure Park focused on food. “Typically a giraffe can eat up to 75lbs of food per day!” the post read. “Giraffes spend almost their entire day (16-20 hours a day) eating! When not eating new food, they are chewing their cud, which we discussed in a recent prior factoid post.”

Here’s another bit of trivia, courtesy of International Business Times: While the zoo calls their facts, “factoids,” a factoid is a misconception that’s repeated so often that it’s believed as truth.

For instance, it’s widely believed that General Napoleon Bonaparte was short. This is a factoid because he stood at 5-feet-7, which was average — or slightly above average — for a Frenchmen at the time.

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