Car Crash
A car crash in Philadelphia left a car stuck up at an odd angle. In this photo, An art installation simulates a car crashed into the pavement at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany, April 16, 2008. Getty Images/ Sean Gallup

A car crash on a mountain road in Suffield, Connecticut, left a car standing at a bizarre angle, upright on two of its back wheels Wednesday. The incident was recorded by a woman who was stuck in traffic near the scene of the crash.

The confused voice of the woman shooting the footage can be heard in the backdrop saying: “So we are in a storm right now and...I literally don't know what, I think the wind took it. This is what's happening right now in Suffield on a mountain road.”

Even though the car looked suspended midair in the video, it was actually entangled in live electric wires and pushed up against a broken pole. Lisa Beaulieu, a teacher by profession, and her children were inside the car when the incident happened.

Instead of panicking, Beaulieu kept calm and dialed 911. Emergency services soon arrived at the scene and the three were safely evacuated from the vehicle. "We could see the telephone pole break and fall in front of us. And I couldn't stop and we ended up getting tangled up in the wires," Beaulieu said, Eyewitness News reported.

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Beaulieu said even though she was scared, she had to keep herself composed because of her kids. "We were really scared," Beaulieu said. "I was worried we were going to fall, the cable was going to break or the wire was live."

The crash is still under investigation by the Suffield Police Department. Connecticut has been facing torrid storms throughout last week, with erratic gusts of winds and occasional hail showers.

While sometimes the visual involved in the car crash is a bizarre one, other times the tale of the collision itself might be one in a million. In 2011, a 55-year-old trucker from Pennsylvania smashed his car through a concrete barrier near Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia.

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The driver, Richard M. Paylor, was apparently eating an apple when a piece of the fruit got lodged into his throat almost choking him. The crash propelled Paylor’s chest against the steering wheel, dislodging the apple fragment from his body. "This accident saved his life," said Lt. Madison Winchester, the investigating officer said, Reading Eagle reported.

There are instances when car crashes may not be fatal to one’s health but can be very damaging to their reputation. In one such incident, an elderly woman lost her nails in an accident.

The 68-year-old Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City, Utah, had got her name included in the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the longest nails till 2009. However, on that ill-fated day, she walked away from a four car pile-up with nonlife-threatening injuries but ended up losing her nails – which she had not cut for the last 30 years – forever. Her 28-feet-long nails, which were "a fundamental part of her life and unique character," were “damaged beyond repair,” BBC reported.