The political juggernaut known as Donald Trump tore a Fox News focus group to shreds on Monday night, as a roomful of New Hampshire conservatives bickered and needled each other over the real estate developer-turned-reality TV star-turned-presidential candidate.

“Trump is the boss I have to constantly follow around and fix all the stuff that he broke with his mouth,” one man told the group, assembled by Republican spinmeister Frank Luntz and aired during a segment on “Hannity.”

For every one person who liked Trump, there were two people who didn’t, Luntz told Fox host Sean Hannity later. That dynamic would match current polling, which places Trump in a double-digit lead ahead of other GOP candidates.

“This is a live sitcom we’re watching here!” one woman shouted.

One hard-core supporter compared Trump to Ronald Reagan and said it was likely he would be elected. A man in the row behind her shouted her down.

“He changes his positions like he changes his underwear!” he said. “He donated to Hillary! He’s donated to all these Democrats!”

“I don’t care!” the supporter shot back.

“I want a president that’s gonna want to do what the taxpayers want him to do, and what the Constitution says he’s supposed to do,” another woman said. “Not what Donald wants Donald to do.”

The camera returned to Hannity, enraptured in the studio. “Wow,” he said.

Luntz called it “the best focus group I’ve ever done.”