Hurricane Harvey Rescue Operations
Volunteers and officers from the neighborhood security patrol helping to rescue residents in the upscale River Oaks neighborhood after it was inundated due to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Aug. 27, 2017. Getty Images / Scott Olson

Tens of thousands of Texans have fled their homes since tropical storm Harvey's landfall Friday night. The hurricane that wreaked havoc in several parts of the state led to a barrage of rescue operations with everyone from civilian volunteers to the United States Navy officers doing their best to help the stranded locals and search the missing people.

The videos of many of these dramatic rescues went viral on social media as people appreciated the efforts put in by the first responders and the rescue teams who assisted in airlifting those who were stranded.

Even as the sun finally showed up in Houston on Wednesday, rescue operations were still underway. Till Wednesday, U.S. Coast Guard rescued more than 4,361 people and 113 pets. Assisting them were military surgical teams, communications teams, maintenance and other military support elements deployed to help the people affected.

A compilation of some of the most dramatic videos by the International Business Times that captured the heroic efforts includes a footage posted by the U.S. Coast Guard on its official Twitter account. In the video, a mother with an infant can be seen getting airlifted onto a helicopter by the members of the air crew from the roof of a home submerged in floodwater.

In some clips, civilians surrounded by water can be seen getting airlifted by crews. With local 911 systems choked by calls, amid the ongoing rescue operations, several Houston residents took to social media to reach out to the authorities and news channels for help.

To garner the attention of authorities, a Facebook user posted about a man stranded atop a car. The vehicle that was slowly drowning was captured on a traffic camera at San Jacinto Bridge in Houston. The footage of the rescue showed a crew of two men on a speed boat pulling the stranded guy to safety.

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Meanwhile, many animal lovers, shelters, and rescue groups scrambled to rescue pets that were abandoned in floodwaters. In some cases, people even risked their lives to save the animals affected by the hurricane. Watch one such video here.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, the pilots of Coast Guard's Houston-area command posts talked about some of the challenges they faced while conducting the rescue operations. Lieutenant Katherine Pelkey of the Coast Guard said: "I think the biggest challenge would be the weather right now. We have to fly really low to the ground right now. A lot of us aren't familiar with the area. We don't know where the antennas are, you know, where there are power lines."

Captain Kevin Oditt, who was in charge of running the entire operation, called it “very risky” and "dangerous" as the visibility was very low and the wind speeds very high.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Monday the state carried out more than 8,500 rescues and more than 32,000 people were provided refuge in shelters around Texas. The strength of the rescue crews was expected to go up with another 10,000 members of the National Guard joining the 14,000 already deployed to tackle the disaster, he mentioned.

Watch the IBT video compilation of heroic Harvey rescues here.