Video footage emerged of man being flung into air by an elephant, pictured October 14, 2013 at the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. Getty Images

A video making the rounds on the internet showed a man being flung into the air by an elephant. The animal apparently threw the man as a reaction to the man's failed attempt to climb upon its trunk.

The man in the video first attempted to befriend the elephant by feeding it fruit. He then put down the bag of fruit before making his way back to the animal to climb it. The man appeared to press onto the elephant's tusks as a method to help him onto its trunk. The elephant immediately reacted to the man's actions by flinging him into the air.

The unidentified man was promptly knocked out after he was hurled by the elephant into a tree. The person that recorded the video repeatedly attempted to call upon his friend and check to see if he was responsive, but the man appeared to be lying unconscious with his head tucked close before his knees.

Elephants have used their trunks to lift humans before. A man was filmed in 2012 feeding an elephant and resting his hands on its head, which led the animal to respond by lifting the man with its trunk. The elephant also gave the man a kiss on his neck with its trunk.

Elephant's trunks have the ability to lift up to 770 pounds. They also contain more than 40,000 muscles, which are divided into nearly 150,000 individualized units. An elephant's trunk is similar to the human tongue. The animal can lift up the average human with its trunk, but the appendage is primarily designated for eating and gathering food.

In addition, an elephant's trunk is capable of doing a variety of tasks. The large animal can use its trunks as a personal snorkel without any additional aid, which is a feature no other animal has. Not only does the trunk have a strong sense of smell, but it can also be used for communicative purposes, including caressing and greeting.