Dashcam shows teen firing at cops before being fatally shot
In this photo, police officers patrol the BP gas station following a shooting death by police August 15, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Getty Images / Darren Hauck

A disturbing video footage was released by the North Little Rock Police Department in Pulaski County, Arkansas, on Wednesday that records a fatal encounter between police officials and a 17-year-old boy named Charles Smith Jr.

According to police chief Mike Davis, the video was released by the prosecuting attorney's office and police department to clear misunderstanding that Smith Jr. was unarmed during the confrontation which took place early Sunday.

“Since the incident, a great deal of erroneous information has appeared on social media outlets. …I want to make sure we clear that up today,” Davis told New York Post.

According to a report in an ABC-affiliated television station, KATV-News, the shooting first occurred after officers stopped a vehicle for excessive speed and a non-functioning headlight at about 1:00 a.m. local time (2:00 a.m. EST) Sunday at West 52nd Street and Camp Robinson Road.

Reports stated the car had three people in it which included the driver, the front passenger and Smith Jr. The video shows officers noticing the driver’s nervousness during a pat-down after which they demand to search the vehicle.

During the search, Davis said his officers found a small bag of marijuana in Smith Jr.’s pocket and it was when he attempted to gain control of a handgun and flee that he was pinned to the ground. During the struggle with the police, Smith said, "I can't go to jail".

An officer can be heard saying, "It's a ****ing gun”.

Davis added that after the confrontation, Smith Jr. pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired a shot that almost hit the two people sitting on the sidewalk. A second shot was fired too which almost struck an officer in the face. It was after this altercation that an officer near Smith returned fire along with other officers who also fired at a "very close range," Davis added. Smith Jr. died at the scene from his injuries.

Davis told KATV-News, "I want to offer my condolences to the Smith family and my prayers as well. I also want to ask for continued support for not only the officers involved in this tragic incident but to all officers who are out serving and protecting our city each and every day."

The names of the officers involved were still not revealed as Davis said steps were to be taken for their safety. According to the chief, the department and the officers received death threats. "I want our people to feel comfortable. I want our young people to feel comfortable as well and not be fearful,” Davis said.