Pictured: Representative image of a queen wasp. Pixabay

A Louisiana exterminator recorded a video using his GoPro as he battled to remove a gigantic hornet's nest from inside someone’s backyard shed. The video posted on YouTube earlier this week went viral.

The video showed the exterminator struggling to clear the area where the nest was made. A cloud of enraged hornets can be seen flying towards the camera as the cleanup took place.

"We got here, what I would say, is the granddaddy of all hornet's nests, European Yellowjacket,” Jude Verret said in the video.

Verret who took 45 minutes to get rid of hornets from the backyard shed was miraculously not stung by any of them. He was dressed in the proper gear to takedown the hornet's nest, but he said he was still worried.

The video posted by Verret on his social media account and was viewed by thousands.

As Verret broke the nest, the air grew increasingly frenetic with hornets making a deafening sound.

Hornets are large members of the wasp family, with their venom containing 5 percent of acetylcholine. Hornets can sting repeatedly as they do not die immediately after, unlike the honey bee.

There are about 20 different types of species of hornets and in North America, the European hornet is the most common. The European hornet belongs to a family of wasps that includes all yellowjackets.

Hornets and wasps look very similar but have different colony sizes. Hornets build communal nests by chewing wood to make a papery pulp. Each nest has a queen that lays eggs. These eggs are attended to by female hornets, who cannot lay fertile eggs.

Hornets, which can be deadly, killed at least 42 people in a series of attacks in northwestern China in 2013 and injured many others.