Family Feud
"Family Feud" returns with new episodes starting Sept. 15. FremantleMedia

“Family Feud” has been on two networks since its premiere in 1976 and has had six hosts, but the popular game show is still going strong. With current host Steve Harvey, “Family Feud” is entering yet another season on Monday as it continues its run as one of the most popular shows in syndicated daytime television.

But just because “Family Feud” has been on for so long does not mean it's getting old. In fact, a recently released promo clip for the new episodes features an answer you won’t believe. Harvey poses the question “Name something spring breakers bring back from Mexico” to the two teams, who must guess what answers showed up most often in the audience survey. The two teams trade wrong answers back and forth before one contestant gives a very truthful answer: STDs. The surprising answer draws a raucous reaction from both the host and crowd, which only increases when the answer is revealed to be the top response on the board.

Watch the hilarious clip from “Family Feud” below:

Harvey has also been making the rounds on talk shows to promote the new episodes of “Family Feud.” In a hilarious sketch on “The Tonight Show,” Harvey hosted a mini version of the game show featuring “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, house band The Roots and actor Jason Segel. The sketch falls apart as the two television hosts comically wrestle for control of the show, to the delight of the audience.

Watch the clip from “The Tonight Show” below:

Longtime fans will be excited to see new episodes of “Family Feud” next week. As the show is in syndication only (it has not been on network since 1993), fans will have to check their local listings for where and when to watch new episodes.

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