A swimmer in Australia had a close call with a huge shark while he was taking a solo dip in waist-deep water at Sydney's Maroubra beach on Tuesday. The heart-stopping moment was caught on camera and the aerial footage was shared on Instagram.

The video was captured by ocean photographer who goes by the Instagram handle @carvedbanks and is known by only his first name, Lewis.

While talking to Yahoo News Australia, Lewis said that it was exciting to watch from above as the grey nurse “went about its business.” The shark emerged “out of the shallows” and came very close to the oblivious swimmer.

The video show shows the man swimming as the shark, believed to be more than six-foot-long, edges closer to the him. While it initially looks like they might actually cross paths, the shark seems to lose interest and swims away.

Lewis has captured countless encounters with sharks off the coast of Sydney. “I have seen all species of sharks come into Maroubra Bay. All species show different behaviours,” he said. “It’s amazing how busy the oceans are in Sydney. I have seen some funny reactions from surfers and swimmers.”

Lewis told 9News that its not common to see this particular species of sharks close to shore.

"These are grey nurse sharks. Typically they are very chilled (but) they're not often seen at Maroubra beach cruising in the shallows," he said. "Evidently the shark has no interest in the swimmer... I have witnessed many shark behaviours from above and in most cases they are just minding their own business and happily share their waters with visitors like humans."

Representation. A shark. Pixabay

In July, a man in his 30s was severely injured after being attacked by a shark during a deep-sea fishing trip in Western Australia. The incident took place near the remote Varanus Island off the Pilbara coast. According to reports at the time, the man received immediate treatment from the fishing charter group and was later transported to a hospital.

The victim told local media that the shark was a “big one,” likely measuring about 3 metres in length. However, the species of the shark was not known.