Beauty maven Jeffree Star told his side of the story in an official statement. Just like celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von, he made a YouTube video to explain their feud.

Everything blew up early Tuesday morning when Von D said she no longer wanted to be friends with Star because he’s a bully and racist. Hours later, she issued her video where she said that Star stole artwork from fellow artist B.J. Betts.

One of the main parts that upset Star was the tattooer used a public platform to end their friendship. Since her video, people have harassed him and his family, he said.

“Kat, I can’t believe that you would post something knowingly and calculating it where you knew the response it was going to get,” he said. “You are not a random friend of mine. You are a celebrity. You have paparazzi after you. You are a big name.” Star added: “You can’t deny that and for you to use such a huge platform to say things that were and true and to get the response you knew you were going to get is so disheartening and so vicious.”

Star then posted a screenshot of the texts they shared when Von D asked if he had paid Betts. He also posted them on Twitter so fans could clearly see them.

Star said Betts never did artwork for him. Instead, he used a different artist because he couldn’t afford Betts. “I never stole a logo and B.J. never said I did,” Star said. “I feel sorry he's been dragged into this.”

Betts is a private person and didn’t know Von D was going to air their dirty laundry. Star said Betts was already paid and that there is no drama between them: “There’s no beef. There’s no bad blood. And we might work on a palette in the future together.”

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