joy duggar and sisters
Joy-Anna Duggar’s sisters react to her pregnancy announcement. TLC

Joy-Anna Fortsyth is going to be a mom and it appears the Duggar family couldn’t be happy for her and her husband Austin Forsyth. Following the couple’s reveal that they will soon be parents, members of the “Counting On” clan took to social media to share their reactions to the big news.

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo, who married several months prior to the expectant couple, had nothing but kind words for the parents-to-be. “We are so excited for you guys and looking forward to meeting the new little one on the way,” Jeremy said. “We just cannot wait to meet his little one. Jeremy and I are super excited for both of you guys,” Jinger added.

Jessa and Ben Seewald offered the pair a little warning in their congratulatory video. The mother of two told her little sister that children are “a lot of work.”

“Kids are such a blessing and a joy. A lot of work, definitely, but a lot of fun,” Jessa said. “We’re super excited to see ya’ll as parents. Ya’ll are going to do a great job,” she added.

Understandably, Joy’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have made it clear they’re thrilled to be adding grandchild No. 10 to the family tree. After speaking out about the pregnancy announcement on their blog Wednesday, the couple released a YouTube video. “This new little blessing that God has given you, we couldn’t be more thrilled for our tenth grand baby. This is really, really wonderful!” Michelle said.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that as a couple that God has given you a creation that’s the two of you put together,” Jim Bob said. “It’s a lot of responsibility. It changes you life. But Joy and Austin, we guys are going to be great parents.”

Joy and Austin announced their pregnancy in a video for TLC. In it, Joy posed for photos while eating ice-cream out of a bowl labeled “eating for two.” In the video, Joy and Austin shared their gender predictions. “There’s kind of been a trend with having boys in the family. I think we’re going to break it and have a girl,” Austin said. Joy disagreed, stating she thinks they’ll be welcoming a boy in 2018.

The pair also discussed their hopes and dreams for the little one. While Joy said she hopes the baby takes after Austin by being a hard worker and possessing a lot of skills, Austin said he has high hopes the child will take after Joy.

“I hope that our child is pretty much just like their mother,” he said. “Selfless and always serving and loving people.”

Duggar fans can watch Joy and Austin’s journey continue on the next season of “Counting On.” The series returns to TLC for Season 3 on Sept. 11.