leona lewis
Recording artist Leona Lewis, pictured at Glamour Women Of The Year 2016 at NeueHouse Hollywood in California, recently covered a portion of Fifth Harmony's single "Down." Getty Images

If Fifth Harmony is looking for a new fifth member, it seems like they just found a good candidate.

British singer Leona Lewis is clearly feeling 5H’s first single as a foursome, “Down,” as she decided to film a clip of her singing the track on her Instagam Story, before posting the same video to her Twitter account on Monday.

The 15-second snippet is more than enough for the 32-year-old singer to expertly take on the song’s chorus, giving it her own special sound in the process.

She tagged Fifth Harmony and member Dinah Jane Hansen, specifically, in the tweet and it got the job done, as Hansen definitely took notice.

The 20-year-old singer sent an emoji-and-exclamation-point-filled tweet in response to the video, letting Lewis know she’s got more than approval, she’s got a request to keep on singing it.

But, to be fair, there was only an almost non-existent chance that Hansen wouldn’t approve seeing as she’s a major fan of Lewis’. In fact, she’s been known to actually cover a few of her songs in the past.

Last year, Hansen gave it her all when singing “Bleeding Love” for Billboard’s #Hot100Karaoke game, and Lewis thanked her for singing it.

But Hansen’s love of the “Better In Time” singer started way before then, though. She posted a cover of Lewis’ song “Yesterday” to her YouTube account all the way back in 2011, a year before even auditioning for “The X Factor” and heading on her way to being in Fifth Harmony.

Seems like the mutual love and admiration between the two is very real and very strong. It only makes sense that the two step it up a notch after all these years and bring their musical chops together into one beautiful song. Because there’s no doubting that a collaboration between the two would be anything short of magical.

Plus, Lewis might be looking for something new to take on right now. In 2016, the British singer decided to take a new road in her career, and headed for Broadway. She made her debut as Grizabella in “Cats” in July 2016, and stayed in the role for four months. But she hasn’t been performing too much or releasing much music lately.

Perhaps she needs some time off to recoup and figure out where she wants to go in her career after having a crazy few years after winning series 3 of “The X Factor” in the United Kingdom in 2006. Her life did completely change in that winning moment.

Lewis’ first single in 2006 was a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This,” which did well in the U.K., but it was Lewis’ second single, “Bleeding Love,” that really skyrocketed her fame.

“Bleeding Love” took the worldwide charts by storm and she became a singing sensation everywhere, especially in the U.K. and the United States.

Her next single, “Better In Time,” also charted high, but her future tracks didn’t receive the same love, unfortunately.

Still, Hansen has always been one of her biggest supporters throughout the years, and that love shows no signs of slowing down. And vice versa, with Lewis’ love of Hansen and her group, Fifth Harmony.

Hopefully the two can figure out a time to work on a song together, but in the meantime, now that Lewis has given her spin on “Down,” perhaps she’ll cover “Angel” next.