After Thursday afternoon we will know more about the mysteries the Kepler space telescope has been solving since it launched in March 2009. The telescope is known as one of NASA most efficient exoplanet hunters.

NASA will hold a media teleconference Thursday to reveal the most recent discovery the Kepler telescope made. The discovery that will be announced was made with the help of machine learning from Google, or the use of artificial intelligence to analyze the data from Kepler in a new way.

Kepler has recently been traveling around our galaxy and making observations about planets that might host life outside of the life present here on Earth. One of the most famous planets the Kepler telescope has discovered is Kepler-425b. It’s close to the same size as Earth and it sits within the habitable zone of its star that’s similar to our sun. The planet sits 1,400 light-years away from Earth but researchers think it might be rocky, similar to Earth.

You may also remember the planet NASA discovered that’s similar to the fictional planet from the Star Wars franchise Tatooine. This planet actually has two suns which is why it got a name that’s a tribute to the Star Wars planet. It was the first ever real-life Tatooine like planet to be discovered.

Whether or not Thursday’s announcement will be about a new planet, or a discovery about one we already know of. Both NASA employees and a senior software engineer from Google AI will present at the teleconference. The conference that is scheduled for 1 p.m. EST will stream live online at NASA’s website as well as one the agency’s YouTube channel.