Cell phone video footage shows an Iranian International PhD candidate getting forcibly removed by the driver of a Greyhound Lines, Inc. bus. The victim believes he was discriminated against on the basis of his name and nationality. He was removed from the bus 200 miles short of reaching his destination.

The victim, identified as Mohammad Reza, was traveling from Dallas, Texas, to Kansas City, Missouri, last week for his research presentation at a Transportation Research Board national conference. Reza, who is a citizen of Arlington, Texas, a city west of Dallas, recalled the incident and spoke to NBC owned-and-operated television station, KXAS-TV.

He revealed how his Greyhound bus driver woke him up at 3 a.m. local time [4 a.m. EST] in Wichita, Kansas, and asked to see his ticket. Reza told KXAS-TV, "The first thing that I remember is I showed my phone, the eTicket that I had. But, she was very angry and she started yelling that, 'I cannot accept this cell phone ticket. …I thought that maybe because of my accent — I am an international student here — or my name [that] she saw on the cell phone, the PDF file. She did not explain [why she was upset]," he recalled. 

Reza claims that he did retrieve the printed ticket from his bag but by then the driver had already started forcing him off the bus. 

The video, which was shot by Reza and posted on his Facebook, captured some of the exchange between the driver and him.

The video shows the driver reportedly asking Reza to not talk to her and to get off the bus. However, when Reza inquired as to why he was being forced off the bus, the driver refused to answer him. 

When asked about the reason he recorded the video in the first place, Reza confessed that he did not know what was about to happen to him. "It was my last chance, based on previous experiences happening with airlines. I know police are coming and I had to tell my wife or my friends what was happening inside because 3 a.m. I didn't know what was going to happen next," Reza said.

Reza revealed that soon after his altercation with the driver, a police officer arrived on scene and sided with the driver too, asking him to get off the bus KXAS-TV reported. Reza also said that although he is less than interested in being reimbursed by the company he hopes to get a clear answer as to why he was forced off a bus despite producing copies of his valid ticket. 

"I was surprised [when I was removed] because I asked different times, 'What is the reason? Please tell me if I did something wrong, please tell me,' and they do not answer my questions," Reza said. When asked for comment on the situation, a Greyhound spokesperson insisted that the incident that occurred with Reza was not acceptable.