In a frantic attempt to save her 11-month-old baby from a fire that had broken out in her apartment building, a mother dropped her child out of the window of her burning house in Anderson, South Carolina. In this photo, a home burns in Deerhorn Valley as the Harris Fire continues growing beyond 70,000 acres near Jamul, California, Oct. 24, 2007. Getty Images/ David McNew

In a frantic attempt to save her 11-month-old baby from a fire that had broken out in her apartment building Tuesday, a mother dropped the infant out of the window of the house in Anderson, South Carolina.

The incident was caught in a video, where the woman, stuck on the second floor, was seen dropping her child down into the arms of a stranger as huge flames and dark plumes of smoke bellowed out of the window next to her. The man who safely caught the child lived in the neighborhood.

Although the baby received some minor bruising after being caught over some bushes, fire officials said the child was going to be fine. After ensuring her baby had landed safely, the woman jumped out of the window. The mother received some burns on her feet and was treated at the scene.

Eighteen firefighters and 7 fire engines arrived at the Ashford Cove apartments on Miracle Mile Drive, Anderson, shortly after fire broke out at the apartment next to the one where the woman lived with her infant. After noticing smoking coming through the door, from the hallway, the woman knew she could not risk escaping her apartment through the door, Fox Carolina reported.

That is when the woman decided to save her baby before trying to get to safety herself – a decision she later said was the most terrifying one she had to take in her life.

The man who caught the baby – a former marine – said he did not wish for any praise or attention for his actions.

"He said he just did what he had to do," Assistant Fire Chief Michael Guest said.

None of the occupants of the building were seriously injured, the fire crews confirmed, although one of the residents was rushed to a nearby hospital. The condition of the unidentified person who was hospitalized is not known. In addition to the occupants, a turtle, a dog and a cat were also rescued from the apartment units.

According to Travis Poore, a spokesman for the Anderson Fire Department, the cause of the fire was determined as unattended cooking. Apparently, one of the occupants of the building tried to unsuccessfully put out the fire with an extinguisher before abandoning his efforts and opening the apartment door to escape. The sudden rush of air into the apartment helped fuel the fire, making the blaze worse.

"It was definitely unintentional," Poore said, USA Today affiliate Independent Mail reported. "We are so glad that the baby was gotten out without significant injuries. This could have been much, much worse. We are grateful that it wasn't."

The fire affected four units in the building, out of which one was severely damaged by the blaze, while other three received significant heat and smoke damage. All the units were unliveable after the firefighters successfully put out the blaze. American Red Cross said they wish to help those left homeless by the fire by paying for their hotels, and also offering them basic hygiene among other aids.

"Our role is to help walk them through the process of how to get their lives back together," Lisa Colby, executive director of the organization’s South Carolina branch, said. "We want to do what we can to help them feel whole."