Pickup Truck
The Oklahoma police department arrested a man who had allegedly stolen a pickup truck. In this photo, a truck driver walks past an abandoned truck while checking the depth of an underpass during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Aug. 28, 2017. Getty Images/ BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI

The Oklahoma Police Department arrested a man who had allegedly stolen a pickup truck Friday, but not before the suspect led them on a high-speed chase across the city which finally ended when he drove the vehicle into a pond.

The chase that lasted two hours 40 minutes, started near SW 29 and Pennsylvania Avenue after the police were alerted that the suspect had stolen a pickup truck with a trailer.

The chase continued as the police followed the driver on Interstate 240, where the driver had got on illegally.

He got off the interstate and drove south on Eastern Avenue and turned into Moore city limits. While driving through Moore neighborhoods, the suspect appeared to stop and ask a mailman for directions.

The suspect drove northbound on Interstate 35 before turning the vehicle to eastbound I-240. After driving for quite some time, when the driver realized that he had entered a dead end street, he crashed through the gates onto an adjacent field, local news outlet KCTV reported.

Here the pickup lost the trailer, but was still followed by several police officers. The driver got back on the road and entered another field near the Orr Family Farms. The driver also managed to stop during the ongoing chase to get rid of things like a heavy toolbox and cut barbed wires from the truck.

During the chase, while the driver had stopped to unload something from the truck, he was confronted by a citizen who was not identified. He managed to shoot one of the pickup's tires, flattening it.

According to reports, the suspect was on the phone for most of the duration of the chase. The suspect was able to log into Facebook Live to apologize, ask for an attorney and to see how far he could go.

Officers tried to set up a perimeter around the pickup when it entered a field near Norman. As his last attempt to flee, the suspect crashed the truck into a pond in the field.

As he tried to make a run for it, an officer managed to reach the suspect and use a taser on him. He was placed in police custody thereafter.

Several schools in Moore were placed on lockdown due to the chase.

The owner of the vehicles was identified as Stephanie Jones of Bridge Creek, Oklahoma. "It makes me sick at my stomach. I don't understand it. I don't know what this world is coming to," Jones told local news outlet News 9. "I hope he understands what he has done and how he has destroyed my family."