A woman who stole a U-Haul truck was apprehended after she led police on a high-speed chase through South Los Angeles. Arial footage showed the chase ended after the vehicle crashed into a squad car near a produce market.

Authorities began pursuit approximately 10 a.m. at 61st Street and Broadway, east of the 110 Freeway, LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez told NBC-affiliate KTLA Thursday.

The woman sped through traffic and weaved down alleyways while momentarily driving with her hands off the steering wheel, police said. She made unusual gestures as she swerved between multiple lanes through a residential area near the 110 Freeway. In an evasive move, the woman at one point drove on the wrong side of the road.

During the pursuit, the truck nearly hit a motorcyclist as she traveled to Downtown L.A. The truck then zoomed down a lengthy block near a produce market where police appeared to have her cornered.

Authorities approached the vehicle with guns drawn as the women made a narrow U-turn and slammed into a police cruiser and sped off. One officer appeared to have fired a shot in the truck's direction.

The suspect later came to a stop near a loading area. Officers then arrested her near a crowded produce stand. No officers or bystanders sustained injuries, according to reports.

"We are very fortunate that no one was hurt," said Ramirez, "It's a very tight and confined space."

The suspect could face driving a stolen vehicle, evading and hit-and-run charges, according to police. It was not immediately clear at what time the suspect stole the truck.