A video of two students fighting and a teacher getting caught in the crosshairs has appeared online. The video shows two students getting into a physical altercation. The teacher who tries to break the fight up ends up getting slapped by the two students.

According to Atlanta based ABC News affiliate WSB-TV, the incident happened at Rome Middle School in Floyd County, Georgia. It is unclear when the video took place.

WSB-TV reached out to Rome School Department Superintendent Louis Byars who said he is aware of the incident, but had no further comment. Byars cited privacy issues when asked about whether there was disciplinary action for the two students.

WSB-TV spoke with one resident, Wednesday about the fight.

“People just taking things into their own hands and not stopping, taking a breath, assessing the situation,” said Abby Holcomb. “I know my daughter went to school for early childhood and once she got in the classroom and saw the behavior of the students, she said, ‘It’s not for me,’ and she took another avenue and I can’t blame her.”