A Wisconsin bus driver helped comfort a 6-year-old girl whose mother passed out in front of the bus and was having a seizure. In this photo, a seat sits vacant behind the bus driver on a New York City public bus in honor of civil rights trailblazer Rosa Parks in New York, Dec. 1, 2005. Getty Images/ Chris Hondros

A Wisconsin bus driver was being hailed a hero for consoling a six-year-old kid after the latter witnessed her mother having a seizure while trying to cross a road in in Milwaukee County.

The incident, which was caught on camera, took place in January near N. 76th St. and W. Mill Road in Milwaukee County when the woman was trying to cross the road with her daughter. In the video released by the Milwaukee County Transit System, the woman could be seen collapsing on the ground as she was about to step off the curb.

Not knowing what to do, the terrified daughter ran to the bus which was nearest to the curb, yelling “mommy, mommy.” At the time, the bus was being driven by Michelle Mixon who immediately jumped to the little girl’s rescue.

Mixon cradled the girl in her lap, as the sobbing minor told her: “She's having a seizure. I'm scared." As she consoled the little girl, Mixon is heard saying, “OK, I know sweetie, I know."

Soon, good Samaritans rushed to help the girl’s mother— one of them even covered her with his jacket to keep her warm. The video cuts to an ambulance arriving on the scene and paramedics placing the woman into the vehicle.

All the while, Mixon was seen holding the little girl’s hand tightly as she reassured her saying: “They're going to take care of her." Finally, Mixon let go of the minor's hand when the ambulance was about to leave.

Mixon has been working as a bus driver for 21 years and has daughters and granddaughters of her own. "She was hysterical,” Mixon said, talking about the experience, NBC affiliated Click2Houston reported. “My heart goes out to her because I don't know how many times she has seen her mom go through this, but I know it was devastating for me to see for the first time. I just pray that she's well."

There have been many brave women in the recent times who showed immense courage and presence of mind in helping out people in distress. On Christmas Eve last year, a woman named Tayetta Currin helped a pregnant woman who went into labor on the sidewalk. Another woman named Karen Martinez reunited a lost boy with his family in the freezing cold on Nov. 2 last year.