Warmer weather means wedding season is right around the corner. Say goodbye to dainty jewelry, because this year the bridal trend is all about statement necklaces.

We talked with Richard Wubnig, the jewelry department manager for Michael C. Fina, the must stop location for every bride. Located on Fifth avenue in New York City, Michael C. Fina has been helping celebrate life's milestones for the past 75 years.

Wubnig, who has been in the Michael C. Fina family for almost 11 years, told us about the hottest trends in jewelry for brides right now: Statement necklaces.

According to Wubnig, the change toward statement jewelry stems from the royal wedding last year. Kate Middleton's gorgeous gown is leading brides towards simple more sophisticated dresses said Wubnig. For these simpler dresses dainty jewelry will no longer do the trick. In order to show personality brides are turning towards statement necklaces.

Currently the hottest color rush for brides is blues and purples, explains Wubnig. It really does show the individual, he said of choosing colorful statement pieces. Besides blue/purple color combinations, Wubnig said that silver/greys and rose/gold are becoming popular choices. It's a modern twist on very traditional.

Trending this season are also vintage inspired pieces, as well as nature and tribal. To get the vintage look with a statement necklace Wubnig suggests colored pearls. For a nature or tribal inspired look, the jewelry department manager recommends green and oranges for a more organic feel.

To incorporate a bold bracelet or earrings, Wubnig suggests turning towards a dainty necklace.

It really comes down to the individual, said Wubnig. Michael C. Fina is dedicated to helping every bride-to-be find the perfect jewelry for her special day. Brides are encouraged to bring photos of the dress so that they find a necklace that not only suits the gown, but also the bride's personality. Wubnig explained that they generally try n about 10 to 15 pieces. In special cases they accompany brides to dress fittings so the bride can see the complete look in the mirror.

We like them to try everything on, he said. We want her to have fun. We want her to put on things she never put on before. You only get one shot at this so we want to get it perfect.

Take a look at some of the hottest statement necklace styles right now.