• New guest hosts are taking over “The Wendy Williams Show” this month
  • Williams is unlikely to return to her purple chair until late November
  • Fans urged producers to keep Sherri Shepherd in Williams’ absence

“The Wendy Williams Show” will continue its run for the month of November without its eponymous host. 

The famous daytime talk show announced via its official Instagram account the new guest hosts who will fill in for Wendy Williams, 57, in the coming weeks. 

For the week of Nov. 8 to 12, Michael Rapaport will take over the show. The following week, an all-new hot talk panel will cover on Monday, Nov. 15. Then, from Nov. 16 to 17, Bill Bellamy will be the host. 

From Nov. 18 to 19, Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos will serve as special guest hosts in the absence of Williams. 

As of late, Sherri Shepherd is serving as the guest host of the show, after Whitney Cummings covered the period from Oct. 25 to 29. 

Sources with information on the show told Deadline that additional guests hosts will be announced, so it could go on until late November without the titular star. 

Meanwhile, many fans reacted to the announcement on Instagram, with most of them urging the producers to just keep Shepherd until Williams returns to her purple chair. 

“Just keep Sherri until Wendy is back,” one wrote. 

“Y’all really just need to keep Sherri. I didn’t want to say it, but I said it,” another commented. 

“We want Sherri back because she is awesome and knows how to carry a show,” a third user added. 

Meanwhile Rapaport issued a statement following the announcement that he will be hosting the famous talk show next week. 

“I’m very excited to fill in for Wendy and I’m looking forward to a great week of excellent shows,” he was quoted as saying by People

The current season was delayed a couple of times due to the host’s health struggles. It was supposed to premiere on Sept. 20 but was pushed back to Oct. 4, after Williams tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19. 

The talk show was once again delayed to Oct. 18 because Williams was said to be dealing with other health problems after recovering from COVID-19. 

There’s no word yet if Williams is coming back to the show in late November once all the guest hosts and panels are done running the talk show for her while she’s away. 
Wendy Williams Talk show host Wendy Williams Photo: wendyshow/Instagram