Actor Wesley Snipes has talked about how celebrities' fame and fortune can be overwhelming, and why they need someone to be "real" with them. 

The 59-year-old actor, renowned for his work in the "Blade" movie, admitted that despite being popular and loved by others, there are moments when he wants to be silent and stay private, PageSix reported. He added there have been times when he didn't feel like performing or answering anyone's questions. "We all have those leave me the f–k alone moments, you know?" Snipes added.

The actor further explained how fame spoils relationships between friends and families. Although he noted it didn't happen in his own family, he said he had seen this around him.

"Not in my family per se, but definitely around me, with my friends," he said. "I’ve seen it manifest to a greater extent with the friends who are newly crowned and with all the riches now, disposable income."

Snipes acknowledged the fact that many people who get fame at an early age are not sure about how to handle it.

"Fame and fortune is a very peculiar world to exist in," he said, adding: "And not very many people know how to manage it, or counsel those who come to it at an early age what to do — the dos and the don’ts."

Moreover, the actor noted how the audience was unaware of the "nuances" that come with fame. "They don’t understand how many people are in your ear giving you conflicting advice," he added.

The actor noted when someone becomes famous, they have many people around them claiming they “love” them. "All of them say, ‘I got your best interest at heart.’ Or they’ll tell you, ‘You don’t need everybody kissing your a-- all the time,'" he said, adding, "You need somebody to tell you what’s real."

Snipes will feature in a new series, "True Story," which is based on a story of a comedian being threatened by his own brother to destroy his career. The drama series also features Kevin Hart, Billy Zane, Tawny Newsome, Ash Santos and Theo Rossi.

The series is slated to release this Wednesday on Netflix.

Wesley Snipes In 2008, Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to pay federal income taxes. He's out on bail as he tries to get his conviction overturned. Photo: Reuters