Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson said the girls are going to be taking charge in “Westworld” Season 2. In this photo, the actress strikes a pose during the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards is Los Angeles on Sept. 17, 2017. Reuters/Mike Blake

The women are going to be a force to be reckoned with in “Westworld” Season 2, according to Tessa Thompson.

The actress plays the savvy Charlotte Hale, executive director of the board of Delos Destinations, Inc., in the HBO sci-fi show. Her character has a strong personality, and she refuses to let anyone bully her around. In fact, she can be considered as one of the few people who is really pulling the strings in the Western theme park. The same cannot be said of other female characters, such as the host, Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood).

However, the upcoming episode is going to be quite a turnaround. “It really is a season where I think women are king,” Thompson told Elle. “I think they rule the world in the park this season. It’s kind of all about the women and I think it might be a very feminist show as a matter of fact.”

Because they were treated badly during the first season, they’re going to be out for blood when the show returns. “Particularly for the women that play hosts on the show, because you see them as sort of objects, like Thandie Newton’s character who works in a brothel and can be had whenever people want her. This season you see her taking that entirely back and she’ll have anyone that she wants,” said Thompson.

For her part, Wood is thrilled over her character’s development. “It made me so happy. That character went through so much in the first season, so much pain and so many horrible realizations about the world and herself. The whole time, people were rooting for her to break free and take control,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

On the other hand, Newton is terrified for her character, Maeve, since she sacrificed her freedom in order to save her daughter. However, it was nice for Maeve to be the first host to exercise free will because of that decision. “In Season 2, we’re going to see her going back into the world that she has abandoned, which felt to me like an incredibly courageous and ultimately rebellious choice,” Newton told Deadline. “It’s terrifying.”

“Westworld” Season 2 premieres on HBO in spring 2018.