Aside from its new MacBook Pros and MacBook Air refresh, Apple is also gearing up for the launch of its new tvOS app that will basically give suggestions to Apple TV owners on what they should be watching.

The Cupertino giant is expected to announce new hardware this Thursday during its “Hello again” event in California. Interestingly, there’s now word that Apple is also announcing a new app at the event.

Insiders with information about the new app says Apple simply described it as “the Watch List” app when it was presented to network executives. Its official name is still unknown, but Recode reports it is going to be a TV guide app based on a concept leaked back in August.

What Apple’s new app for the Apple TV basically does is aggregate content from a bunch of apps and suggest them to users for viewing. What makes the process convenient is the availability of deep links in the suggestions. This means, users won’t have to sift through other apps just to find the content they want to watch.

The recommendations will be made based on the shows users watch on the Apple TV. As such, AppleInsider claims this will centralize suggestions from multiple content providers. The Apple-centric news site opines that this could be Apple’s way of attracting networks to its Apple TV device, since the app will make it easy for shows to be recommended to users.

Nevertheless, if Apple is indeed introducing this new TV guide app this Thursday, it should also release a new tvOS update that would bring the single sign-on support onto the device. The feature was previously rumored to arrive alongside tvOS 10, but the tech giant has yet to roll it out even with the release of tvOS 10.0.1 this week.

More details about the new app are expected to be available during Apple’s Thursday event. Hopefully, the Cupertino giant will also shed light on when can users expect Netflix to be supported by the app because based on the initial partner list for the “Watch List” app, the major streaming service is not included.