Social media users are wondering what “meggings” are as the term began to trend this week. For those who are unaware, meggings are simply men's leggings.

People couldn’t stop talking about Kanye West wearing a pleated leather skirt (or kilt, as some are calling it) during his performance at the “12.12.12” Sandy Relief concert Wednesday, even though he’s worn it before.

Even though the hip-hop artist appeared to be wearing leather pants underneath his leather skirt the day after the benefit concert seemed to be the perfect time for “meggings” to be introduced to the masses.

Leggings for women are already controversial since people can’t decide whether they should be worn as pants or tights. But it seems men can now join the fashion debate as meggings join “mandals” and urban skirts as the latest fashion item.

But here’s the problem that most men will probably having with meggings: The fabric isn’t strong enough, or arguably manly enough, to have pockets, so those who are brave enough to don meggings will also have to carry a man purse for personal items. As if male leggings weren’t questionable enough, that will probably be a deal-breaker.

Fashion critic Robert Johnson acknowledged that meggings aren’t for everyone, according to Vibe magazine, and suggested that anyone with “man hips" do society a favor and forget the idea.

Top men’s magazine GQ is not a fan of the trend, while Vibe essentially has a “to each his own” position.

Here at the International Business Times, one of the male reporters simply asked, “Why do they exist?”

Some Twitter users wrote:

“So they made something called 'Meggings' which are basically leggings for men. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with this world.” @Za1d tweeted.

“Ok ok ok ok ok, so I just read that a thing called Meggings (men's leggings) is tipped to be the next big thing. Our world is damned,” @joshmeatsix seethed.

“Meggings. Leggings for men. Possible new low. Won't they cling in all the wrong places?” @edentravels asked.