Beyoncé still hasn’t revealed what exactly “Lemonade” is. The artist is pictured at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 15, 2016. Getty Images

Beyoncé loves her secret projects. The singer surprised fans over the weekend with a promo for an HBO special, but she didn’t reveal exactly what to expect. On Saturday, the singer posted a 20-second video that teased a project called “Lemonade,” premiering April 23 on HBO. On Sunday, she unveiled an extended trailer that showed more footage, but it didn’t really answer any questions. The BeyHive is wondering exactly what the superstar is up to, and we have a few theories.

1. Visual Album — This is a popular rumor, especially since Beyoncé’s last LP was also a visual album. Each track came with a music video. She gave no notice before the release of the 2013 album, but perhaps this time, the “Formation” singer wants to make sure that all the videos are viewed in a specific order.

2. Musical — Her music videos keep getting more cinematic. Instead of shorter music videos, Beyoncé may have created a full-blown musical movie.

Watch the “Lemonade” trailer:

3. Regular Movie — Perhaps the former Destiny’s Child member wants to remind the world that she is also an actress. Though many of her greatest roles, like “Dreamgirls,” have involved singing, Beyoncé might want to put the spotlight on her dramatic chops. It’s worth noting that she isn’t singing in the “Lemonade” trailer.

4. A Fancy Commercial — Bey has plenty of business endeavors that might be worth this kind of promotion. She just launched Ivy Park, a new line of active wear. The 34-year-old is also a stakeholder in Tidal, a music streaming service. She is going on tour this summer and is rumored to be releasing a new album later this year. Or perhaps she’s launching something new, like a lemonade line. After all, the singer has been posting lemons for months.


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Fans will have to tune in to HBO Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT to find out what Beyoncé has planned. What do you think “Lemonade” is? Sound off in the comments section below!