Samsung Galaxy S8
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A Samsung Galaxy S8 model with a dual-camera exists, and a new photo recently leaked to Weibo. There is no word on whether this is a hint that Samsung may release a special dual-camera version of the Galaxy S8. However, it could be a good sign that the manufacturer is preparing a dual-camera for the Galaxy Note 8.

There were several images of prototype Galaxy S8 models circulating prior to its launch, which first brought attention to Samsung developing a dual-camera for its smartphones. There is no word on why Samsung decided to forgo the dual-camera for the Galaxy S8. However, consumers do know that the manufacturer instead outfitted the smartphone with a rear-facing fingerprint sensor. Perhaps the decision was a matter of design.

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The dual-camera Galaxy S8 in the leaked image does not include a rear-facing fingerprint sensor and could be a prototype from a time when Samsung thought it would include an in-display fingerprint sensor on its spring flagship.

There has been considerable news lately that Samsung is once against canceling its in-display fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 8, which means the device may also have a rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

There’s word official word on if or how this design change may affect the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera. However, one leaked schematics image from Slash Leaks shows the Galaxy Note 8 possibly having a dual-camera and a centered fingerprint scanner below the module. Most Galaxy Note 8 leaks have not given a clear picture of how the back of the device might look.

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The fingerprint sensor placement on the Galaxy S8, to the left of the camera module has been a pain point for many consumers. Users find the sensor hard to access while the device is forward facing. In comparison, many other manufacturers, like LG and Huawei put their rear fingerprint sensors in a centered location on the back of a device. This makes it easy for a finger to find the sensor blind. Before the Galaxy S8, all Samsung fingerprint sensors were embedded within the device’s capacitive home button.

Recent reports have pegged the Galaxy Note 8 release date for the third or fourth week of August, with Aug. 20 and Aug. 26 being suggested as dates.