Bernie Sanders
No more debate here: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wore a blue suit, not brown, as he battled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Miami Wednesday night. The 2016 Democratic presidential candidates are pictured March 9, 2016. Getty Images

While former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders debated hot topics like immigration, the middle class and “those damn emails” in Miami Wednesday night, some viewers were more concerned about the color of Sanders’ suit — was it blue or brown?

The Internet has seen this type of debate before. People practically went crazy over a photo of a dress in February 2015. To some, it looked blue and black. To others, it was definitely gold and white. Social media users seemed similarly divided over Sanders’ attire Wednesday.

The chatter seems to have started with people who saw the suit as brown and thought it was an interesting choice. They were soon corrected by people who viewed it as blue. Thus, the birth of the brown vs. blue #DressGate-style debate.

Unlike with the famous #DressGate scandal, there was a quick answer. Mike Casca, the rapid- response director for the Vermont senator, tweeted that the color suit was blue. Of all the tweets Casca posted during the Democratic debate, the outfit tweet was the most popular.

Some of the posts debate viewers shared about the senator's attire have been posted below:

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