Joss whedon wonder woman
Joss Whedon's "Wonder Woman" was never made into a film, but concept art from the project was sold on eBay. Reuters

When it comes to superhero movies, Marvel and DC Entertainment are neck-and-neck in terms of their releases.

This year, Marvel released “Captain America: Civil War,” while DC provided “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The former received better reviews than the latter, which was unfortunately lambasted by critics.

When “The Avengers” director Joss Whedon was asked what he thinks will happen to “Wonder Woman,” which is DC’s offering for 2017, he gave a positive answer.

“I want it to be good. The trailer was just wonderful. I’ll probably be disappointed, me more than anybody else, because I’ll be like, ‘Wow, my version…’ or whatever, but I can still get myself up for it,” he told Comic Book Movie. “The trailer had her shield and her fire hammer and yep, I’m good, this will be fine, everything is good. Such an image.”

Whedon admitted that he did not see “Suicide Squad,” but saw “Batman v Superman.” Between Marvel and DC, Whedon said he thinks Marvel has a better grasp of what moviegoers truly want.

“I think Marvel has been more successful systematically. DC has been more cinematic — their stuff looks amazing — but I feel like Kevin [Feige, President of Marvel Studios] is a really good storyteller. He really cares about coherence, and I feel like style never defeats substance at Marvel, but a little style creeps in.”

Meanwhile, “Wonder Woman” producer Deborah Snyder assured fans that the superhero’s solo movie will be quite different from the recent DC Comics cinematic efforts.

“‘Wonder Woman’ is very different in tone and style than ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad,'” she told Variety. “We pick directors who have their own points of view, so that each of our films will have their own personality.”

The film’s leading man Chris Pine even said that the film, which is directed by Patty Jenkins, will have a little bit of everything - action, drama and romance - so it will definitely cater to a wide range of audiences.

“I think what’s really fun and exciting about it... different about it, actually, is that there’s a nice love story at the center of an action film, and I don’t think you see that often in these kinds of films,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Wonder Woman” will be released on June 2, 2017.