Paris Jackson may not have her dad, Michael Jackson, by her side now, but the famed singer is always with his daughter in spirit.

According to E! News, the 19-year-old just got a new tattoo on her left foot of the word “Applehead.” The publication revealed that the term was typically used by the “Smooth Criminal” singer as an endearment for those closest to him.

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Meanwhile, the “Applehead” ink is not Jackson’s first tattoo. While speaking with Rolling Stone earlier this year, she said that she has a total of 50 tattoos, and nine of those are dedicated to her dad. “He’s brought me nothing but joy so why not have constant reminders of that joy?” she said. The “Billie Jean” passed away when his daughter was just 11 years old. 

Jackson also shared that her dad visits her in her dreams sometimes. “They say, ‘Time heals.’ But it really doesn’t. You just get used to it. You live life with the mentality of ‘OK, I lost the only thing that has ever been important to me.’ So going forward, anything bad that happens can’t be nearly as bad as what happened before. So I can handle it… I feel him with me all the time,” she shared.

During the same interview, Jackson did not shy away from admitting that she has tried taking her own life at least three times. One of those instances became public. At the time, reports swirled that she slashed her wrists and consumed 20 Motrin pills when she was just 15 years old. “It was just self-hatred. Low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn’t do anything right, not thinking I was worthy of living anymore,” she said.

Jackson also graced the cover of Vogue Australia’s July 2017 issue, where she talked about what she’s most passionate about these days. According to the teenager, she is involved in various causes that are very dear to her heart. Additionally, she also wants to leave an imprint in the fashion industry. “I already have many young girls looking up to me and I want to be something their parents are OK with them looking up to,” she said.