Snapchat users practically have their own language. Getty Images

Snapchat isn’t just about ephemeral pictures and videos, it’s also about the lingo. There are dozens of acronyms social media users write, but not everyone is in the know. The days of BRB and A/S/L are long gone. Listed below are some common acronyms that are used on the widely popular mobile app.

SNR: While SNR means “signal to noise ratio,” or how much signal strength the internet has, it means something entirely different on Snapchat. On the mobile app is stands for “Streaks and Recents.” If two people are snapping each other back and forth, they might want to keep up with “SNR,” or streak.

WYD: This acronym stands for “what you doing.” It’s usually used to mean, “what are you doing.” It can be used to start a conversation.

KMS: This term can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and means “kill myself.” KYS is also used and means “kill yourself.”

SMH: The term is used to mean “shaking my head.” It’s usually used when someone does something annoying.

YW: This simple shorthand means “You’re welcome.”

LML: This is internet slang stands for “love my life.” It’s mean to express happiness. It can also mean “laughing mad loud,” which is a form of LOL or “laughing out loud.”

HMU: HMU stands for “hit me up.” It’s used as a different way to say call me or contact me.

TBH: This a commonly used term that stands for “to be honest.” It’s used instead of writing out “honestly” or “if I’m honest.”

BMS: This one is more common on other social media sites. It stands for “broke my scale,” but it has nothing to do with weight. BMS is usually used when a commenter finds the person in the picture very attractive.

DM: DM stands for direct message. On some social media pages, there is a way to send a private message so the public cannot see what two people are writing to each other.

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