Tiffany Intervention Season 17
Tiffany lost three of her children because of her addiction to heroin. A&E

Heroin addict Tiffany, the subject of an episode on A&E’s “Intervention, didn't care about anything when she’s high. The drug user documented part of her life for the hit show.

“From an outsider looking in, I look like a regular stay-at-home mom,” she tells the camera. “But I am anything but that. I am a full-fledged heroin addict.”

Tiffany, who is only referred to by her first name, became addicted to drugs after she had her first child, Us Weekly reported Tuesday. The birth caused a vaginal tear and she needed 57 stitches. Tiffany first became addicted to the opioids that were prescribed to her and then got hooked on heroin.

Her dependence on drugs led to her loosing custody of the three children. But she didn't care about them while high.

“I forget about all the bad s--- in my life. If somebody's mad at me, I don't care. The fact that I've lost custody of three children? In that moment, I don't care,” she says in a sneak-peek clip. “The fact that I'm on four different probations in four different counties, I don't care. When I get high, I don't care.”

Tiffany liked the process of getting high as much as the final result. “I love the setting-up of all of it. I love watching the blood come back in the syringe when I'm shooting up. Everything about that needle, I love,” she says.

Shooting up was an essential part of the process. “Any other way to do dope, I won't even do it that way,” she adds in the clip. “I will shoot meth, I will shoot coke, I will shoot crack, I will shoot heroin. I will shoot anything because the high is instant — you don't have to wait.”

The street drug is more prevalent than some people might know. “Heroin use in the suburbs is exploding,” “Intervention” states in the episode. “More than half of users are women. They are increasingly young and middle class. Heroin deaths among women have tripled in the last few years.”

To find out what happened to Tiffany, don’t miss Season 17 “Intervention” when it airs on A&E Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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