After two defeating competitions the ALDC team will give Laurieann Gibson another try in Season 7, episode 20 of “Dance Moms.” Though Lifetime’s synopsis for “Stamina, Stamina, Stamina” teases things won’t go well between Abby Lee Miller’s replacement and the mothers.

“Laurieann Gibson returns and is more determined than ever to win,” the network’s summary states. However, Laurieann may have finally pushed the dancers to their breaking point. “With two duets and a group, the girls struggle with stamina as well as their new leader’s cutthroat attitude,” continues the synopsis. While the dancers lose the ability to keep up, Laurieann will also tire and lose “patience with the moms.”

Lifetime’s promo for episode 20 (above) shows some of the turmoil to come. In one scene, Laurieann tells off the mothers in studio. “You want to turn and snap when I turn my back. Watch your back!” she warns.

“She’s a little intense,” Holly Frazier confesses to the cameras.

The mothers won’t be the only ones facing the wrath of the coach. Another scene from the preview shows Laurieann telling the girls to focus. “Stop the chatter!” she complains mid-practice.

Lifetime’s extended sneak peek for the episode, released after Tuesday’s premiere, shows Nia Sioux getting the main wrath from Laurieann. After being granted a duet alongside her team member Kalani Hilliker, Nia fails to impress the coach during practice. Following several attempts to get the dance right, Laurienann brings in another dancer, Camryn Bridges, to take her place. After removing Nia from the routine, she and Holly exit the studio.

nia dance moms
Nia Sioux, pictured at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Aug. 13, 2017, gets pulled from a duet in the next “Dance Moms.” Getty Images


So, did Laurieann’s new attitude spark a change in the ALDC girls, or did their weekly routines continue to fall flat? Spoilers for Sheer Talent in Las Vegas on March 11 reveal some of the team’s dances fared well while others failed to impress.

Attendees report the group’s contemporary dance, “Contagious,” placed third in the teen group, making it far from a winning number. In the teen duet category, Camryn and Kalani were able to pull out a first-place win with their number “I Got No Fear.” Brynn Rumfallo and Kendall Vertes’s 80s themed, jazz duet, “The Finish Line,” came in right behind them with second-place.

Watch a sneak peek of Kalani and Camryn’s number below:

Camryn and Kalani weren’t the only big winners, though. Despite not granting mini dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman a duet in the episode 20 sneak peek, attendees report they did perform a number. They are said to have placed first with “Not Having It,” a hip-hop duet.

The next episode of “Dance Moms” Season 7 airs Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.