Walking Dead Negan
Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) returns to the small screen when "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premieres on Oct. 23. AMC

“The Walking Dead” and “One Tree Hill” are two very different shows, but they do have some things in common.

Austin Nichols, who plays Alexandria survivor Spencer Monroe, was on the now defunct CW/ WB series from 2008-2012. The 36-year-old actor played Julian Baker, the ex-boyfriend of Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton), who showed up in town to make a movie with her other ex-boyfriend, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray). “Walking Dead” newcomer Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who joined the AMC series last year as comic book villain Negan, is the real-life husband of Peyton actress Hilarie Burton. One Tree Hill is one small town.

Morgan was never on the teen drama, so it’s not technically a “One Tree Hill” reunion with the two actors. However, a crossover between the shows would certainly be interesting.

Lucas and Julian constantly fought over Peyton until Julian ultimately fell for Peyton’s best friend, Brooke (Sophia Bush). If Negan were on “One Tree Hill,” things would have probably gone a little differently.

Although “Walking Dead” viewers haven’t seen much of the villain yet, the character is feared by all in the comic books. As the leader of a group of survivors called The Saviors, Negan makes everyone follow strict rules. Everything belongs to him — including multiple women at their camp. He has a couple of “wives” and punishes those who disobey him. For example, Negan uses an iron to burn the face of a man named Dwight in the comics when he finds out that Dwight has been sleeping with his wife, Sherry. Sherry was technically married to Dwight prior to the zombie apocalypse, but agreed to become one of Negan’s wives in order to remain safe.

Spencer was not with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others when they ran into the Saviors on the road, which means that he’s safe. However, that could change in the blink of an eye. The Season 7 trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, reveals that Negan will be paying a visit to Alexandria. Will Spencer give in and follow Negan’s rules? Or will he stand up to the leader and protect the community that his late mother created?

“We should have made a deal with them when we could have,” Spencer tells someone in the trailer.

Negan would certainly beat Julian to a pulp on "One Tree Hill." Fortunately Peyton’s not one of Negan’s wives — but we have a feeling that Spencer’s days are still numbered. “The Walking Dead” Season 7 premieres on AMC on Oct. 23.