Melania Trump is confident about her marriage with President Donald Trump.

Melania and Donald have been married for 14 years now. Since the two are both prominent figures, their marriage has also been subjected to various speculations.

Last year, Manigault Newman wrote in her book “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House” that Melania can’t wait to divorce the businessman-turned-politician. “In my opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce him,” Newman wrote.

However, when Melania spoke about her marriage with Trump with Parenting, the first lady revealed that their marriage is strong. In fact, they are so confident about each other and how they carry out their roles that they do not mind spending time away from each other.

“My life is very normal­­ — for me. Maybe for some people they would not think that. But for me it is. I know my husband. We have a great relationship. We are both very independent. We know what our roles are and we are happy with them,” Melania said.

“I don’t think you need to be with your husband every minute of every day. Both people should do what their passion is and then get together in the mornings and evenings and share and experience life and have a great time. You know that saying, ‘Work hard and play harder?’ That’s what we do,” she continued.

In 2015, Melania explained why she did not join Trump in his campaign trail. According to her, she supported her husband 100 percent but did not join him because their son Barron needed a parent at home. Melania is also confident that being her own person is another thing that her husband loves about her.

“I'm choosing not to go political in public because that is my husband's job. I'm very political in private life, and between me and my husband I know everything that is going on. But I chose not to be on the campaign. I have my own mind. I am my own person, and I think my husband likes that about me,” Melania told Harper’s Bazaar.

Just recently, Melania was booed when she delivered her speech at the B’More Youth Summit in Baltimore. However, she was praised because she pushed forward and did not mind the jeering crowd. Melania eventually won the crowd as the kids eventually booed less, listened more and clapped after her speech.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump
Melania Trump and Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. Pictured: The Trumps rrive at Stansted Airport on July 12, 2018 in Essex, England. Getty Images/Leon Neal