Victoria Beckham displays her handbag pose, which is deemed by a doctor as the cause of Poshitis, a shoulder and muscle illness, at an L.A. Galaxy news conference introducing her husband, David Beckham, to the MLS soccer league team in 2007. Reuters

Beauty is pain, especially if your fashion icon is Victoria Beckham. According to a medical professional, copying the former Spice Girls singer frequently photographed look, rocking a large designer bag and holding it in the crook of your elbow, can be dangerous to your health.

Medical professionals are now giving the 39-year-old fashion and handbag designer’s style choice its own title, referring to the reported effects of oversize handbag use as Poshitis. According to a report from Vogue via the Sunday Express, carrying large, full handbags in a similar style to Beckham can result in torn muscles and inflamed shoulder tendons.

“Women may think that they are following a catwalk trend, but they are storing up trouble,” physiotherapist Sammy Margos said. “We have seen a huge increase in shoulder and neck problems. ... We have seen handbags which weighed a huge one-and-a-half stone (21 lbs.). It can cause repetitive injury and pain in the shoulder and neck,” he said.

Beckham’s handbag choice and posture is not the only thing detrimental to your health. Margos said wearing sky-high shoes is also potentially dangerous, saying, “Killer heels can add to the pressure on posture.”

In contrast with the latest Poshitis reports, Beckham was spotted in Los Angeles, Calif., last week shopping with a noticeably smaller handbag, this time appearing to carry the purse in her hand versus her usual style, according to the Daily Mirror. The former singer was joined by three of her children with husband and athlete David Beckham, sons Romeo, 10, and Cruz, 8, and 1-year-old daughter Harper.