Stephen Furst
Stephen Furst, 63, passed away on Friday, June 16. Pictured: Furst at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences event on May 6, 2008 in North Hollywood, California. Getty Images/David Livingston

“St. Elsewhere” star Stephen Furst recently passed away at the age of 63.

While speaking with TMZ, Furst’s sons, Nathan and Griffin Furst, confirmed that the actor died on Friday morning in his home in Ventura County, California. His death was caused by a series of complications due to his diabetes.

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According to Deadline, Furst’s children asked fans to celebrate their dad’s life by
“watching one of his movies or use one of his bits to make someone else laugh – really, really hard.” “To truly honor him, do not cry for the loss of Stephen Furst. But rather, enjoy memories of all the times he made you snicker, laugh or even snort to your own embarrassment. He intensely believed that laughter is the best therapy, and he would want us to practice that now. If you knew him personally, remember him his gift for lighting up a room,” the statement read.

In 1978, Furst starred in the film “Animal House,” where he played the role of Kent “Flounder” Dorfman. He reprised his role one year later in the shortlived TV show titled “Delta House.” Furst also joined the second season of “St. Elsewhere,” where he gave life to the character of Dr. Elliot Axelrod.

Several years later, Furst managed to book a role in “Babylon 5.” He was part of the TV series for five seasons. His other TV acting credits include “Have Faith,” “Misery Loves Company” and appearances on “The Jeffersons,” “CHiPs,” “Newhart” and “Scrubs,” according to TV Line. Other than his work as an actor, Furst was also actively involved in the American Diabetes Association as a spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Furst’s “Babylon 5” co-star Bruce Boxleitner tweeted his condolences and paid tribute to him following the actor’s demise. In his post, Boxleitner called Furst his friend.

Meanwhile, Furst, in an interview with IGN, revealed that he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes back in 2002. “It’s the adult onset. Most people with it are overweight.”

Furst also talked about his weight loss journey and said that he took it upon himself to take care of his body and health during the middle seasons of “Babylon 5.” When he returned to set, all of his clothes hung loose on his body, since he didn’t tell anyone that he went on a weight loss journey.