British singer and comedian Carol Lee Scott, whose claim to fame was the character of Grotbags, the witch that appeared on various children’s programs in the 80s and 90s, died Tuesday at the age of 74, according to her niece, Gina Mear.

Mear announced the news Wednesday on Twitter.

The same day Mear also posted cause of Scott’s death, on Facebook. “My dear aunty Carol lost her brave fight against cancer yesterday. To many of you she was Grotbags – a legend! To me she was just aunty Carol. I shall miss her hugely, rest in peace Carol,” Mear wrote on Facebook.

Scott appeared on a number of popular television shows for kids, including Rod Hull's “Emu's World” on ITV in the U.K. Her character, Grotbags, was a pantomime witch with a plump, green face and a big black mole on her chin that made children laugh through her hilarious antics. The character also wore a matching fluorescent wig, black and patterned witch hat, along with multi-colored robes.

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After “Emu’s World” came to an end in January 1988, Scott was allowed to create her own show called “Grotbags” which aired its first episode in August 1991. In her spin-off series, Scott was the lead character, focusing on her life as Grotbags when she was living in the Gloomy Fortress, along with her sidekicks, Norman Nettle, Doris the Dodo and Colin the Bat.

Before she got her big television break, Scott performed as a cabaret dancer in a number of clubs in North England. She also worked as a pub singer in London and as a Blue Coat for 19 years at Pontins, a holiday camp, the Guardian reported. It was after that when Scott collaborated with Hull in the 1980s which started her career in the television industry.

The Official fan site of Grotbags was also updated with a tribute to Scott after her demise. "It is very sad that I have to report that Carol Lee Scott has passed away today," it read. "A larger than life lady with a much larger heart of comedy, kindness and generosity! Carol was a great lover of music and comedy and one of the songs she used to like was 'Ain't It Grand To Be Blooming Well Dead' by Leslie Sarony and it was Carol's request that there be no sadness but music and laughter!"

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As news broke of their favorite childhood icon passing away, people started tweeting tributes to the legendary actress, offering prayers and condolences to her next of kin.

“Very sad to hear that Carol Lee Scott, the magnificent Grotbags, has died. Let’s not forget she had not one but TWO super-gay TV sidekicks,” wrote one Twitter user. Another displayed similar sentiments, writing, “#RIP Carol Lee Scott. Grotbags was a classic character, which she brought to life with proper skill and guts. Terrifying but hilarious.”

Those were among a number of other tweets fondly remembering Scott.