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Danny Hollis Jr., 35, terrorized a Lawrence County, Tennessee, family after breaking into their home, stripping naked and cutting his own throat while high on the drug "wasp." Lawrence County Sheriff's Office

Tennessee sheriff’s deputies say a man smoking a drug called “wasp” was found naked outside a home after he broke in, sat at the family’s kitchen table and cut his own throat.

Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies arrested Danny Hollis Jr., 35, Monday night after they say he broke into a random family’s home, stripped naked and accused their dog of staring at him, WKRN-TV reports. He later admitted to smoking “wasp,” a potentially deadly mixture of methamphetamine and bug spray.

“This man walks in. The family is all in there, minding their own business. He is stripped naked. He says the dog is looking at him. He grabs a knife and he cuts his throat. He goes upstairs and jumps out a window, after busting his head on the glass of the front door and then he takes off running,” said Lt. Melinda Brewer.

Brewer said that Hollis proceeded to jump on the family’s backyard gazebo and sprint naked across a field before deputies caught up and secured him. EMS workers and deputies were only able to subdue and arrest him after he his head on the pavement.

Hollis told investigators that he’d been smoking “wasp,” which he described as a combination of meth and crystallized bug spray.

Lt. Brewer told WKRG-TV that the wasp drug combination is worse than bath salts and causes people to have widely ranging psychotic episodes. Hollis later claimed to deputies that he couldn’t remember anything that happened during the incident that terrified the random family outside Nashville.