• Prince Andrew will still keep the Royal Lodge, his residence in the UK, even if he loses the sexual assault case
  • The Duke of York is also unlikely to be removed from the line of succession despite his scandals
  • The other things left for Prince Andrew are the Duke of York and Prince titles

Prince Andrew is unlikely to be removed from the line of succession despite the controversies.

The Duke of York is facing sexual assault charges from Virginia Giuffre in the United States. Some royal experts discussed what his fate would be in case he were to lose his legal battle. According to them, he will not be left homeless or be cut from the line of succession regardless of the outcome of the case.

"Andrew certainly won’t be made homeless," Joe Little, Majesty magazine managing editor, told the New York Post. "The lease has been granted."

Prince Andrew has been selling some of his properties. He just put to market his $23.7 million Swiss chalet. Officials hoped he would settle with Giuffre, an unnamed royal insider told the same outlet. However, he will be keeping his residence in the U.K. He signed a 75-year lease for his manor, Royal Lodge, at a one-off fee of $1.4 million to the Crown Estate. The 30-room home is believed to be worth at least $40 million on the open market.

Reports have it that his His Royal Highness (HRH) styling has also been removed. Last week, an unnamed source told The Post that the Queen had informed her son he would no longer be known by his HRH title.

"Son, you're grounded," Her Majesty allegedly told him.

Asked if Prince Andrew could be removed from the line of succession, Little said it wouldn't matter.

"Given that he’s gone from second [after his older brother, Prince Charles] to ninth, this would serve no purpose," he said.

Duncan Larcombe, the former royal editor of the Sun, believed it's unlikely to happen. So, no matter what the results of the case, he will remain in the line of succession.

"It’s unlikely to happen, ever, because Andrew would be able to argue you can’t just cut him out of the family as it were, like a will," Larcombe said.

"The Queen has done virtually everything that she can do now, but there is one thing left — stripping him of the title of Duke of York and Prince. That would be the ultimate humiliation. Conceivably, if the court case does not go his way at all, and there is a genuine backlash in Britain — if he became public enemy number one — the Queen could look at that and make him just 'Andrew.'"

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is not flying to the U.S. to testify, multiple sources told The Post. He will only give a deposition transmitted live from London. Several sources said that there is no legal reason for the royal to fly to the U.S.

However, an insider close to Giuffre told the outlet that "it would be very bad for him not to be present, it’s unthinkable."

Virginia Giuffre alleges Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was 17
Virginia Giuffre alleges Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was 17 POOL via AFP / Steve Parsons