Many are wondering what would happen if Queen Elizabeth II reaches 100 years old.

One netizen asked this question on Quora. The inquiry received many responses from royal fans.

According to Elizabeth Anne Nield, a self-confessed royal-obsessed, if that happens, then the Queen would live almost as long as her mother. Queen Mother died when she was 101. Reaching 100 is within Queen Elizabeth II’s genetic capabilities.

If she is still in good health, the Queen won’t abdicate and would continue to reign. Otherwise, she would have a regent. Prince Charles who is the heir apparent would take on the monarch’s duties. If the Prince of Wales predeceases his mother, Prince William would do the job.

“Then there will be a massive birthday celebration, and Prince Charles will have to wait a while longer to become King - unless he predeceases his mother, in which case, when the Queen dies, the crown will pass to Prince William,” Evans Friend commented.

Meanwhile, other netizens said that in the UK when someone reaches 100, he or she is entitled to a birthday card from the Queen. So, she might send a card to herself.

Robert Draper believes that Queen Elizabeth II might just do this considering her sense of humor. When she receives the letter she can act surprised and exclaim, “Oh, look, it’s one from me!”

“They will probably issue a special coin and some postage stamps. Lots of people will send her cards,” Chris Spencer, a former campaigns officer, wrote.

“There will be quite a few TV shows celebrating her life - and they will show the ones about her mother reaching 100 over again for comparison.”

Spencer stated that if the Queen is still strong and well, they might manage an event outside the palace and make an appearance on the palace balcony.

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are urged to intervene in Prince Andrew’s controversy. Marlene Koenig advised the Queen and Prince of Wales to convince the Duke of York to live quietly and step down from his patronages.