Love & Hip Hop New York recap
Bianca invites DJ Drewski to her hotel room although she knows he has a girlfriend on Season 7, episode 6 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” VH1

DJ Drewski is about to find himself in the dog house with his girlfriend, Sky. All season the Hot97 DJ has been flirting with Bianca, and his girlfriend has finally had enough. Keep reading to find out what happened on Season 7, episode 6 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

Monday’s episode picks up with Moniece Slaughter, from “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” popping up unannounced at Rich Dollaz’s business. Rich is there trying to patch things up with his girlfriend Jade, but things go downhill fast when Moniece enters the room. Moniece, who previously dated Rich, tells Jade that Rich still texts her. Rich tells the camera that he only texts Moniece as a joke.

Moniece walks over to Rich and tries to kiss him, which causes Jade to really go off. Jade starts yelling at Rich for sitting there and letting Moniece kiss all over him. He gets up and leaves and Moniece yells after him that she’s going to call him later. Rich is mad that Moniece popped up and thinks she’s trying to ruin things between him and Jade.

Meanwhile, Bianca invites Cardi B and MariahLynn to the beach for a relaxing day of sun and gossip. She tells her friends that she and Drewski have been flirting with each other and she plans on inviting the DJ to her hotel room for some fun. Bianca makes it clear that she doesn’t care Drewski has a girlfriend.

Snoop meets up with her godmother Denise to tell her about her relationship drama with J Adrienne. Denise tells Snoop that doesn’t think J Adrienne is in the relationship for the right reasons and she needs to rethink things.

During the episode, Yandy also meets Mendeecees’ mom Judy Harris and his sister for dinner and tells them about the drama with Samantha and Erika. Yandy tells them that Erika claims she and Mendeecees have an apartment together, but Yandy says the apartment actually belongs to her and Mendeecees. She claims they let Erika stay there because she didn’t have a place to live. Because Erika and Yandy have been feuding, Mendeecees’ sister suggests Yandy change the locks on the apartment.

MariahLynn meets up with Sky for a quick workout and tells her about Bianca’s plan to get Drewski to come up to her hotel room. Sky is furious and says she has to prepare for war against Bianca. MariahLynn tells the camera that she doesn’t agree with what Bianca is doing, but says Sky’s issue should be with Drewski.

After taking Denise’s advice, Snoop meets with J Adrienne and tells her that she loves her and wanted a family with her but they are having too many issues and she doesn’t think they are right together. J Adrienne is mad Snoop is ending the relationship and starts crying. Snoop apologizes but says it’s best if she lets J Adrienne go.

Rich and Jade also end up breaking up. Rich asked Jade to meet him at the beach to talk, but they started arguing and he told her that he doesn’t think she’s ready to handle a guy like him and it’s best if they end things now. Jade isn’t happy about the split, but tells him good luck and walks away.

Bianca is able to get Drewski back to her hotel room, but he claims he’s only there business. Because Bianca answered the door in lingerie, we’re guessing she has something else on her mind besides work stuff. As Drewski is trying to show her some art work, she starts kissing on him. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door and it’s Sky. Sky is furious Drewski is in the apartment, and starts yelling at him because he has Bianca’s lipstick on his mouth. Drewski tries to explain that nothing happened but Sky storms off. Later, Sky shows up to Bianca’s show and confronts her about what happened at the hotel. They start arguing and Sky calls Bianca “a bird” and throws a slice of bread at her.

Things also escalate between Yandy and Erika. After Erika realizes she’s locked out of her apartment, she heads over to Yandy’s job. As soon as Erika walks through the door, security steps in between the ladies. They start yelling at each other but the security guards keep them separate.

Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” isn’t all about drama. Cisco Rosado stops by MariahLynn’s rehearsal and actually apologizes for the chaos that happened last year. Cisco wants them to be friends, and after he tells MariahLynn that his mom was diagnosed with an aneurysm — something her mom was also diagnosed with —she accepts his apology.