Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during a dedication ceremony honoring fashion designer Oscar de la Renta with a series of U.S. postal stamps at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station in New York City, Feb.16, 2017. Reuters

Amid protests across the country for gender equality that largely oppose President Donald Trump and his policies, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton posted her thoughts on International Women's Day to Twitter Wednesday. She shared a story focused on female empowerment.

Clinton shared a viral tweet from a user with the handle @SMLXist that read, "My fourth-grade teacher friend found this under one of her students' desks. <3 <3 <3." Accompanying the tweet was a picture of a slip of paper, ostensibly written by a fourth grader, reading, "Do you want to join a club for female empowerment. We are the leaders."

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Clinton quote-tweeted — a function used to both share and comment on a tweet — that post and wrote, "On #InternationalWomensDay I'm thinking about this young girl, & all the others like her out there."

Clinton's tweet had been re-tweeted some 12,000 times and liked 36,000 times by Wednesday afternoon.

The message echoed Clinton's post-election tweet, which read, "To all the little girls watching ... never doubt that you are valuable and powerful [and] deserving of every chance [and] opportunity in the world."

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The commentary from Clinton Wednesday came amid rallies worldwide and a strike by many U.S. women. Some Democratic lawmakers spoke to protesters at the Capitol, saying the message of the rally was a direct response to Trump.

"We are resisting Trump and congressional Republicans and letting them know we will not go back," said California Rep. Barbara Lee, according to the Guardian. "We walked out today for a Day Without a Woman to send a clear message: that we stand with our sisters across the country who have walked out in defense of equal rights for women. … We are raising our voices for the millions of women who can't."

Clinton did not directly reference Trump in her tweet Wednesday, but she has criticized the president since he took office in January, for not speaking out against hate crimes, among other issues.