Abby Lee Miller’s decision to quit “Dance Moms” isn’t affecting her career. Days after announcing her departure from the Lifetime series, the ALDC coach has revealed her post-show plans.

After badmouthing the “Dance Moms” production team online, Abby took to Instagram to tease an upcoming project last week. “Lunch meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel! And I’m the first to arrive? That’s right eager to get stated,” she wrote. Her post included hashtags “#abbyleedancewith me,” “#aldcminis” and “#thebestisyettocome,” leading fans to believe she could have another show in the works.

Abby followed up her initial post by stating Mike Darnell, The President of Unscripted & Alternative Television at Warner Bros, had “renewed her faith in reality TV.”


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If Abby doesn’t continue on TV, fans can keep up with her on YouTube. For a year the coach has sporadically uploaded clips from her daily life, as well as her behind-the-scenes accounts of the “Dance Moms” drama on her Abby Lee Miller channel. To date, she has just over 56K subscribers.

Abby announced her official departure from “Dance Moms” late last month. Her leave came after she claims she was treated “like dirt” by the show’s producers and declined a creative credit on the show. Abby told People Magazine her decision to leave came after the show’s Season 7B finale when a producer allegedly hired a woman to taunt her about her student’s leaving her studio.

As previously reported, several of Abby’s longtime students left her studio after she returned following a brief absence in March. Nia Sioux, Kendall Vertes, Camryn Bridges and Kalani Hilliker then partnered up with Abby’s former student Chloe Lukasiak to compete at the Season 7B finale. Abby’s mini dancers Elliana Wahlmsey, Lilliana Ketchman, Maesi Caes and Brynn Rumfallo remained at the ALDC.

Abby told People her departure from the show was a “long time coming” and her business will continue. “I know my dance studio is not going to end until I say it ends,” she said.

While Abby said she was open to returning to the series if things changed in the back end, Lifetime has since replaced her with “Dancing With the Stars” alum Cheryl Burke. On Sunday, Burke posted a GIF of her hanging out with Abby’s former team.


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Lifetime has not revealed a premiere date for the new season of “Dance Moms,” but we have a few ideas.